About Us
the heart of Zoe-Life

Zoë-Life is a professional and innovative South African Capacity Building and Development organization, working in the field of Public Health and Social Transformation. The Zoe-Life team is made up of a dedicated and dynamic group of passionate professionals working alongside vulnerable people and communities to innovate new solutions to old problems.

Our goal is to transform options available to children, vulnerable families and communities that have been affected by disease, poverty and injustice. We do this in partnership with people on the ground, churches, Civil Society and Government to create lasting change from the individual experience all the way to policy improvements. We are motivated by love for people, and a stubborn belief that all people should have access to more than a minimum quality of life. Approaching our work with an ethos of partnership, shared learning and innovation, Zoë-Life is committed to finding fresh avenues to provide dignity, sustainability and economic growth.

Vision, Mission & Values

Driven by integrity, innovation and excellence, Zoë-Life aims to facilitate ‘authentic abundance’ in societies through:

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Systems strengthening
  • Impacting Individuals
  • Integrated community development

Strategic Pillars
Our work can be grouped into four pillars, each with a specific goal but working together to support societal transformation.

Strategic Partnerships:
Our work is based in relationships with individuals, organizations and communities, and through these relationships we have built expertise in identifying, building and mobilizing human, material and social capital. We draw together people, communities and organizations to ensure that the right people work together to enhance efficiency and make a greater impact.
Systems Development:
Societies function better with strong and sustainable systems. Zoë-Life develops and improves systems within health facilities, programme areas, and community projects. This is achieved through design, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance and improvement, innovative solutions, training and governance.
Impacting Individuals:
Systems are driven by individuals, and social transformation begins with a vitalised individual. Zoë-Life strives to impact individuals to bring excellence and life to their environments through love, leadership support, mentorships, team strengthening, thinking skills and care-of the carer interventions. Ensuring that our approach is always relational, we develop programmes and interventions that unlock people’s potential to create deep and meaningful social change.
Community Development:
At the heart of Zoë-Life’s vision and mission is an abiding love for marginalized people struggling to overcome generations of hardship and exclusion. Through multi-sectoral linkages, we offer support to men, women, children, families, churches, schools, workplace, refugees and the marginalized. Zoë-Life works to bring life to communities through people focused services, organizational strengthening, training and linkages. Our model provides essential service support within communities, prioritizing the poor and highly vulnerable populations.

What We Do

Zoë-Life is based in South Africa with two key focus areas of work:

  • Capacity Building
  • Development

Capacity Building
Capacity Building takes various formats dependant on the established need and target audience. Zoë-Life builds capacity through a process of:

  • Assessment
  • Designing interventions with partners to meet a need
  • Skills development for specific disciplines/target group
  • Organizational development intervention
  • Monitoring and Evaluation progress
  • Quality and process improvement
  • Sustainability strategies

Development strategies and activities emanate from gaps identified either through research, government priorities, or through our work. Zoë-Life develops innovative strategies, resources and tools for various stakeholders.

Examples include:

  • Kidz Alive Psychosocial strategy for children
  • Quality Assurance tools for Government
  • Online organizational assessment tool for NGOs
  • International training tools, courses and resources for WHO, Swaziland and Tanzania

Strategies, models and tools are piloted in small sites. Successes are taken to scale within National or Provincial programmes and structures wherever possible.

Project Management

Management of NGO Projects
Zoë-Life has provided funded services to more than 60 local NGOs during the past five years. Organisations have been carefully selected according to project needs and sustainability criteria. Formal engagements for significant technical contributions have been managed through outcomes driven SLAs with each organisation. Accordingly Zoë-Life has developed a strategy of engaging with high impact, stable NGOs wherever possible, and to provide organisational capacity building services to NGOs to promote sustainability. Financial and project governance has been aligned to donor requirements.

Management of International Donors
Zoë-Life has successfully managed a number of International donor funds. In 2004 Zoë-Life received funding from Harvard School of Medicine and completed its first Provincial Institutionalization project within 18 months (scale up of Adherence Support Programme to all ART facilities in KZN). Thereafter Zoë-Life gained invaluable experience as a sub-grantee to McCord Hospital under PEPFAR CDC funding from 2007 until 2012. During this period, Zoë-Life developed skills in maintaining communication and appropriate collaboration with PEPFAR Financial and Activity Management systems. In 2011, Zoë-Life managed a UNICEF contract to develop and implement a rapid scale up Capacity Building package for IYCN in the KZN Province. Zoë-Life has been contracted for 3 consecutive years (2009-2012) by the Clinton Foundation to develop and implement Malaria Capacity Building tools and services to the Swaziland Ministry of Health (District Training), and Tanzanian Ministry of Health (education tools). Zoë-Life has now experienced a range of donor requirements and has acquired the skills and systems required to meet all donor expectations.

Staffing Approach
Programmatic capacity with Zoë-Life has been achieved through recruitment and retention of staff that are experienced in both direct service provision as well as technical capacity building expertise in each programme area. Zoe-Life has a small core staff of technical specialist with 40 to 50 contract project staff available for specific projects.


Partnerships and Collaborations
Zoë-Life does not profess or desire to be specialists in every area of HIV, Health and social development. Zoë-Life promotes partnerships for resource and skills augmentation, and supports sharing of information and resources. Zoë-Life has engaged with both large and small organizations to promote resource and skills sharing.

Corporate and Private Partnerships
Working on behalf of corporate clients, Zoë-Life’ seeks to connect corporate resources to credible community based organizations. Zoë-Life can assess and select accountable NGOs, then provide financial and programmatic management of Corporate Investments to improve development outcomes and facilitate sustainable partnerships between corporate and communities

Strategic Corporate Partnership Strategy
Zoë -Life is a professional Social Enterprise that develops and implements strategies, tools and interventions to strengthen sustainable social transformation. To stimulate Social Capital within Communities and NGOs, Zoë -Life seeks innovative ways to implement International and National best practice using practical and professional business solutions. This results in economic growth and employment opportunities for communities. By partnering with corporate organizations, Zoë-Life seeks to access and manage socio-economic development (SED) and enterprise development (ED) spend, which allows for the development of meaningful and sustainable growth for both Zoë-Life and within communities in need.

Working with Zoe-Life

The three main benefits of working with Zoë-Life are:

  • Zoë-Life has a proven financial track record which demonstrates their ability to handle large sums of money
  • Zoë-Life is in relationship with many NGOs and CBOs enabling us to match corporate donors with an NGO/CBO of the right fit
  • Zoë-Life can offer corporate and non-corporate donors both socio-economic development (SED) and enterprise development (ED) opportunities to which they can allocate money and earn BEE scorecards points.

We provide a sustainable strategy for social systems whereby we work with communities and government in order to find solutions to problems experienced in many sectors of society.

How we can help manage your SED spend

SED is the contribution of both financial and non-financial (time) resources with the intention of ensuring sustainable access of black beneficiaries to the South African economy. The intended recipients of SED spend are both black individuals and black community groupings. A company which contributes towards SED will earn:

  • Generic Enterprises (GE) receive 5 points
  • Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) receives 25 points

The company must spend 1% of their Net Profit after Tax (NPAT) in order to earn full points. The contribution can be made after the financial year, as long as it falls within the date of measurement.
Zoë-Life offers four of the six programme areas which qualify for SED spend; via NGOs seeking services from Zoë-Life. These are:

  • Development Programmes
  • Health
  • Education
  • Community Training