Confident Communicator

Confident Communicators is an internationally approved communication development package now available in South Africa, developed in Scotland by Libby Hammond founder of Confident Communicator. Confident Communicators has been designed to provide immediate returns for the business, education and NGO sectors.

Benefits for NGO’s:

  • Provide communication skills necessary to secure funding
  • Retain volunteers
  • Improve internal and external communication strategies
  • Enhance programme delivery

Benefits for businesses:

  • Engages staff and improves staff retention
  • Provides tools for powerful and persuasive presentations
  • Improves interpersonal skills, teamwork and leadership
  • Develops management communication techniques
  • Facilitates conflict and crisis management,
  • Responds to modern media opportunities such as television, web and social media,
  • Improves customer service
  • Supports HR for frontline salesforce, management and senior management

Benefits for Education:

  • Provides Continuous Personal Development in key communication areas for  education and teaching staff
  • Delivers easy to implement curriculum linked confidence and communication building programmes as part of lifelong learning
  • Provides links between education and the workplace
  • Creates positive cultural shift, reduced absenteeism and better timekeeping
  • Engages students and impacts positively on achievement rates
  • Easily accessable downloadable materials