Adult Health Overview

Zoë-Life has been working with the South African Government and Communities since 2004 to strengthen the response to HIV Care, Support and Treatment programmes.

Our vision is that people living with HIV should be fully supported to lead full and abundant lives. This requires much support and counsel, access to information and innovative solutions to dealing with the psychosocial and health complexities that are involved in the family, work and community contexts. Zoë-Life works hard to ensure that information and services can be accessible to even the hardest to reach populations e.g. farm workers, refugees and employees within companies.

Our HIV Team is part of the South African National Department of Health Task team for HIV counselling and testing. In addition, Zoë-Life is the Provincial lead partner for KZN to support the implementation of the IACT programme in partnership with SA PARTNERS. Zoë-Life has extensive experience in comprehensive and integrated HIV management, both from a Clinical and Psychosocial perspective.


  • HIV and AIDS, TB, STI
  • Wellness
  • Malaria
  • Gender Health
  • Nutrition