Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders
Zoë-Life Volunteering Program

Beyond your daily schedule … your normal day and predictable life
Beyond your familiar friends … talking about the usual stuff
Beyond what you know so well and feel so comfortable with
Beyond what you can see or imagine

Beyond Borders is Zoë-Life’s invitation to step over the border of your routine safe space
An invitation to authentically step into someone else’s reality:

  • A trafficked woman
  • A widow
  • A fatherless child
  • A struggling charity
  • A village without hope
  • A gang of hopeful youth
  • A person longing to connect

Beyond Borders is Zoë-Life’s strategy to connect children, communities, churches and countries through meaningful sustainable projects. This initiative will be part of an awakening of a generation of people who are being transformed as they serve others.

Join us on local or international trips and experiences where you can volunteer your time and resources to:

  • Make authentic connections
  • Serve others
  • Discover your gifts
  • Contribute to advancing social justice in the world

Leave behind all that is familiar and mundane and choose from the following exciting volunteering opportunities: