A last minute adventure that will linger for a lifetime…


Sometimes an adventure presents itself to you at the last minute and in that moment you need to take a leap of faith and just go for it! I was invited to go to Mozambique 3 days before we left but despite the mad scramble to get ready for the trip, it was one of those adventures that lingered in my … [Read more...]

The ICS Tearfund volunteer journey


Where have we been? For the past 10 weeks a very large, energetic, and passionate group of ICS volunteers have been living, working and socialising in the Valley of a 1000 Hills. With 11 national volunteers and 14 from the UK, we have had the exciting challenge of learning and growing in each other … [Read more...]

KidzWellness Training at Mseleni Children’s Home

Mseleni KW Group photo with Hombisa

Mseleni is in FAR northern KwaZulu Natal, in the beautiful area of Umhlabuyalingana. Owing to the high level of poverty there are many children in need. Lulisandla Kumntwana is the community arm of the Mseleni Children’s home. Hombisa Ntsikanye, trained 16 staff of the Lulisandla Kumtwana FBO on … [Read more...]

Pastor Mncwabe from Calling Promotion and Development Network


Zoë-Life Community Project, HCT and OD: This project aims to build capacity and strengthen comprehensive HIV services at a community level. The project works in partnership with existing, high impact organisations, which offer health services to community members. The key reason for implementing … [Read more...]

Success Story: Maud Mbambo


Zoë-Life Community Project This project aims to build capacity and strengthen comprehensive HIV services at a community level. It targets those working with already existing, high impact organisations that offer services to community members. By doing this Government Health facilities will be … [Read more...]

From Stephanie’s Desk

So I have never blogged before. I thought this was something that young travelers did to secretly ensure that their parents always knew where they were, and always knew when they needed money! But now that we have a bogging feature on our website, I have been instructed by Grant (our web … [Read more...]