Gender norms and values will often give rise to inequality between men and women. This inequality will result in different consequences, some of which are not serious whereas others pose a great risk to the person overall well-being and health.

Zoë-Life endeavours to work alongside organisations and build capacity within them to assist them to address various issues affecting men and women.

Men’s Programme: Men Upfront

What is Men Upfront?

Men Upfront is a programme to be run with unemployed men and high school boys in a resource poor community.  The intervention will address

  • The definition of masculinity
  • Self esteem
  • Skills development.

Why are we doing it?
Most of the population management and HIV prevention programmes and research have primarily targeted women to empower, educate and bring about gender equality. Although there has been a decline in HIV statistics, women continue to be worst affected as programmes have neglected to adequately address men and the role that they play in a women’s sexuality.  The HIV epidemic needs to be addressed in order to make significant changes in:

  • HIV infection rates amongst women
  • pregnancy rates
  • gender violence and intimate partner abuse
  • condom use amongst men.

What does the programme provide?

  • For individuals,  a sense of significance and healthy self esteem
  • Development of communicative and non communicative language
  • Improved emotional intelligence in order to better manage the emotions of self and others
  • Successfully negotiated sexuality with a partner and creation of a more balanced forum for decisions about both male and female contraception.
  • An open forum to discuss and challenge definitions of masculinity
  • Raised awareness about gender violence
  • Skills acquisition to prepare short presentations to potential employers.
  • Opportunities for men to learn skills that will enable them to find gainful employment
  • For men and high school boys, a sense of identity and involvement in the community.

Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence is a major problem in South Africa, it knows no cultural, racial or religious boundary affecting both men and women.

Partnering with Tearfund South Africa, we hope to begin to engage the faith communities in a dialogue around Gender based Violence and equip them to create safe spaces for people affected by this form of violence.  Part of this initiative would be to engage and initiate support groups with both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery which is plaguing South Africa and yet many people are unaware of the dangerous underworld that exists behind the facade of buildings and houses that is effecting many men, women and children.

RedLight is a local NGO who is making great strides in the area of raising awareness around human trafficking and through  the Inkululeko project, is beginning to empower victims of human trafficking and other violent, sexual and domestic violence through skills development training.

Zoë-Life will partner with RedLight to work alongside them as they set up a model of care that seeks to address the holistic needs of victims of human trafficking.