Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults (Child Protection)

All providers and organisations working with children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults must meet certain legal requirements for the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in their care. These organisations/providers must have clear policies, strategies and procedures to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of young people. These policies and procedures must be renewed annually to ensure that such policies and practices are effective and consistently applied across the organisation.

Members of staff within these relevant Organisations have an important role to play in helping to safeguard the welfare of its young people and vulnerable adults and to protect them from abuse.  Zoë-Life acknowledges that for an Organisations’ procedures to be effective, it is important that staff receive adequate training and supervision to ensure that the needs and welfare of young people and vulnerable adults are paramount.


In order to support organisations and providers, Zoë-Life provides training on the following safeguarding topics:

  • Introduction to safeguarding
  • Difference between Safeguarding and Child protection
  • Definition of ‘child’ and ‘vulnerable adult’
  • Children Rights and the law – Article 3 and Article 19
  • Categories of Abuse
  • Recognising signs of Abuse and how to respond to and manage disclosure
  • Developing your own safeguarding policy – Examples of Safeguarding Policies and summary flow charts
  • Reviewing of Safeguarding procedures and Annual Reports
  • Establishing lead Safeguarding Officers in your Organisation and training of Staff
  • Allegations of abuse against members of staff
  • Safer recruitment and selection
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Maintaining professional boundaries
  • Setting a support system within your organisation – safeguarding committee
  • Setting up a referral network and working with External Agencies
  • Records and documentation
  • Marketing and promoting Safeguarding in your organisation
  • What we can learn from “Every Child Matters”
  • Real Life Scenarios


If you have a child protection policy in place, or need to put one in place, Zoë-Life is able to assess your needs and assist you to develop and implement a Child protection policy in your organisation.