Historical Perfomance of Zoë Life

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2004 : Early Beginnings – HIV in Crisis

Zoë-Life founded in response to KZN massive roll out of HIV Treatment. Zoë-Life developed and rolled out Adherence Support Programme throughout KZN from 2004-2006 with 2,000 health workers capacitated.

2007 : HIV, TB and PMTCT Services

To scale up as hospitals battle, Zoë-Life in partnerships with McCord Hospital initiates a three year technical support to eThekwini Municipality and three NGOs to implement HIV, TB and PMTCT services in clinics to relieve pressure on hospitals. Zoë-Life extends the HIV services to NGOs and Work-place using Mobile Clinics.

2010 : Clinics Congested and Under-staffed

Zoë–Life initiates a ‘Clinic to Community’ intervention to decongest clinics. Community organizations, war rooms, NGOs and Community Health Workers equipped to provide HIV Testing, HIV Care and Support (I-ACT) and CIMCI.

Caregivers & Nurses to To Afraid to Test Children for HIV

Zoë –Life starts developing KidzAlive to address lack of psychosocial support resources for services to children. UNICEF  appoints Zoë-Life to roll-out training in new Infant & Young Child Feeding guide lines to 1,800 counsellors in KZN

2011 : Support to Communities must include Organizational Development

Zoë-Life develops innovative OD Assessment Tool and interventions for NGOs and CBOs to improve capacity. Forty NGOs assessed and interventions piloted.

KidzAlive Piloted in four sites, hundreds of children reached with wellness days.

Care-Giver Support Intervention

Initiated to assist Care-Givers come to terms with potential HIV in children. Parents start to bring their children forward for testing.

Schools & ECDs Start benefitting from KidzAlive, and CIMCI Health. Identified and new programme to enhance self esteem and value – Confident Communicators.

Farm Workers in the Greytown area farm workers benefit from the Zoë-Life Mobile Clinic Services.

2013 : Provincial roll out of IACT

Zoe-Life rolls out HIV programme IACT to 6 Districts in KZN

KidzAlive programme endorsed at National level, opening the way for standardized and holistic care and support for children in all South African communities.

Zoe-Life KidzAlive team train NIH research team in Uganda in disclosure and HIV in children.

Strategic priorities emerge to respond to Sexual Violence, Human Trafficking and Youth development as an integrated approach to development crises

2012 : Children are Valuable – Strategic Framework Required

Zoë-Life develops strategic action plan for children in response to poor progress to support MDGs.

Child Status Index

Piloted in Valley of 1,000 Hills with CSI Database development.

Organizational Development Packages

These are now offered to NGOs (Finance, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Fundraising, Communication and Teamwork)

Burnout Prevention  Zoë-Life completes the Burnout Prevention programme for NGOs

KidzAlive  Multi-media DVD’s launched to increase impact.

Confident Communicators

This is run in three schools with teachers and learners, linked to HIV Testing of parents and Kidz Wellness sessions.

IMCI-ICATT Developed for the DOH and WHO to improve child health outcomes through new computerized training software. 240 medical students and 20 nurses trained in global pilot.