Maternal and Child Health
Confident Communicator

The Confident Communicator course was initially developed in the United Kingdom by Libby Hammond (view website) who recognised that many children and adults suffered from poor confidence and communication skills.

Confident Communicator is a course which aims to create confident communicators who are able to engage positively and meaningfully with people in their school or working environment and into the wider community.  This course gives ‘the person’ the tools to develop ‘authentic’ confidence which enables them to make healthy choices.  These healthy choices will create positive behaviour change which will in turn affect the society they live in. The authentic confidence they develop will enable them to communicate more effectively within any target audience. The positive communication skills they acquire will be embedded as part of lifelong learning.


  • Build presentation skills among children and adults
  • Increase knowledge of HIV basics
  • Increase self-awareness, in terms of their value, character and dreams, amongst children and adults

Several schools and organisations were approached to run the program in, and the following schools and organisation were selected to work with:

  • Kwacutshwayo Primary School with the Grade 6 pupils and teachers
  • Embury College with grade 11 pupils.
  • Christopher Nxumalo Primary with the grade 7 pupils
  • Ethembeni HIV and AIDS Ministry in Mpophomeni with the NGO’s Management team.

Success stories

  • It taught me how to become a confident speaker and that teamwork is an important factor.
    Grade 11 pupil  – Embury College
  • It was also very motivating and helped you see what you can do for everyone else and the world.
    Grade 11 pupil  – Embury College
  • I learn that I’m special and I have dreams and nobody like me in the whole world.
    Grade 5 pupil  – Kwacutshwayo Primary School
  • I learnt how to present in front of audiences and I learned about diseases that are in the community and how to respect, be honest and confident. I learned how to give help to the sick and poor.
    Grade 7 pupil – Christopher Nxumalo Primary School
  • Just to accept yourself and forget about the past and focus on today. I need to teach children these skills acquired in the workshop.
    Teacher – Kwacutshwayo Primary School
  • We should encourage learners towards their field of study instead of discouraging them.
    Teacher – Kwacutshwayo Primary School
  • I have learnt that I have to understand myself first before anyone can.
    Teacher – Kwacutshwayo Primary School