Open Canvas Volunteer Opportunity

Open Canvas
Volunteer Opportunity

Sometimes you need the space to explore your gifts, use your skills, stretch your boundaries, and join in an adventure that doesn’t quite fit other volunteering options.

Zoë-Life would like to invite you to ‘paint your own picture’ with our Open Canvas Volunteering opportunity. You can tailor make the type of volunteer trip you would like to go on. You can be specific about whether you want a long or short trip and what community project work you would like to get involved in

Tell us:
What you would like to do?
When you are available?
How long you would like your experience to be?

We will try to match your skills and desires with a project or organization that we partner with.
Please e mail the above information to or contact us at the office on 031 267 0080/2 to find out more about our volunteer programs.