Organisational Development

This programme enables organisations and institutions to develop skills and systems to support sustainable and sound business practice.

Our Goal

To strengthen the management and operational systems of organisations, thereby increasing their impact, productivity and governance.

Components of the ODS Programme:

  1. ODS Assessment
    A tool used to analyse and report on the strengths and weaknesses within an organisation.
  2. OD Interventions
  • Strategic Planning: To assist an organisation to develop a thorough strategic plan or review and improve an existing strategic plan
  • Governance: To understand and implement effective governance within their organisation.
  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation: To assist NGOs to effectively develop and implement a resource mobilisation strategy.
  • Financial Management: To practically assist organisations to move from informal to formal accounting structures to meet statutory requirements.
  • Human Resources Management: To develop and implement effective human resource policies which are in line with government legislation.
  • Effective Communication: To improve internal communication systems which would increase trust, effectiveness and productivity within an organisation
  • Confident Communicator: To improve internal confidence which will impact external communication skills.
  • Burnout Prevention: A holistic programme equipping individuals to function effectively within a range of environments.