From Stephanie’s Desk

So I have never blogged before. I thought this was something that young travelers did to secretly ensure that their parents always knew where they were, and always knew when they needed money!

But now that we have a bogging feature on our website, I have been instructed by Grant (our web developer) to please post a blog good enough for a website launch!

So what is happening worthy of your reading time? I guess as an organisation working to make an impact in the lives of children living with HIV, we are excited by the opportunities that will present themselves at the SA AIDS Conference in Durban this week. Imagining the buzz of the conference vibe, the opinions about the design of conference bags, the excitement in hearing the strides that have been made in our country and in the world and the rush for resources and networking opportunities-in all of this we have a deep sense that this is a watershed time where Governments will rise to the increasing challenges of providing the best quality of care and support to the nameless and faceless children that live with HIV but have not been diagnosed. We are praying that the solutions on display at the conference will be taken up without red tape and that funders will pool resources to support promising interventions. We are also inviting everyone to seriously consider the results coming from our KidzAlive Programme as an important piece of the HIV testing, disclosure and support puzzle for children age 4-11. (I will be presenting these at the Satellite session on Thursday 20th June at 16:00)

So we invite you to watch this space – we are ready to play our part in a massive scale up of quality services to children and their families!
What a privilege.