Wellness and Mobile Health

Zoë-Life offers Wellness services to businesses who are invested in their employee’s wellness.

Why are Workplace programmes important?

It is well documented that the impact of chronic illness, including HIV and AIDS, in the workplace is:

  • decreased productivity,
  • increased absenteeism,
  • replacement of workers who are either too ill to work or pass away from chronic illness,
  • increased costs of recruitment and training of new employees
  • increased the costs linked to medical, insurance and pension provision.

What services does Zoë-Life offer?

  • Development and updating of Company HIV Policy
  • Provision of HIV education and other chronic illnesses
  • On-site HIV counseling and testing by qualified and empathetic HIV counselors
  • On-site CD4 count taking if necessary.
  • Linkages to appropriate treatment sites
  • Other Wellness screening (Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol)
  • Establish peer support groups
  • Other health screenings can be outsourced if requested (e.g. eye and hearing testing)

Companies that have received Zoë-Life Workplace Wellness Services:

  • BidVest
  • Steiner Hygiene
  • Interflora
  • Mittal Steel
  • Shick
  • Liza Lou
  • PeacePlayers International
  • Durban Country Club
  • R&R Marketing
  • Impro Technologies
  • Scott Bidder
  • Shalom Farms
  • Ruff Tung