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Zoë-Life is partnering with Tearfund in the UK to bring the International Citizenship Service (ICS) to South Africa in 2014.

logo-tearfundMain Purpose of ICS project

The objective of this ICS project is not only to sensitise South African and UK
youth into becoming more socially aware and involved but to also to provide a comprehensive strategy to foster an environment for positive change for this target group and the communities they live in, whilst also equipping them with life skills and tools that will shape a positive future for them.

Objectives of this project

  • To build a movement of empowered youth who will be active citizens of South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • Build bridges and greater understanding across divisions of race, class and culture.
  • Review and share lessons so that if appropriate the model can be replicated across the country
  • Pilot and explore a youth mentoring process drawing on skills and resources available in the country
  • Inspire, mobilise and equip the vast faith community locally.

This project supports the National Youth Development Initiative.