Zoe-Life Organisational Structure

Zoë-Life operates under two legal entities, namely

  • a Black Owned Closed Corporation (SMT Health Solutions cc t/a Zoë-Life) and
  • a Not for Profit Company – Zoë-Life Innovative Solutions (NPC)

Using these two legal entities makes it possible to engender a culture of Trade and Service Delivery, whilst also making it possible for donors to benefit from non-profit benefits.

Zoë-Life cc trades in Training, Resource Development, Workplace Wellness and Organisational Development.

Zoe-life Innovative Solutions NPC provides services and technical support to development and social transformation projects, predominantly in the areas of Child Health and Development, Education and HIV.


Zoë-Life’s Directors and Management Team oversee the Financial, Administrative and Human Resource requirements. Annual audits have been conducted since 2007 (Deloitte & Touche 2007 – 2010, Mazars 2011).Human Resource management is compliant with both SA Labour Law as well as International standards required by non-SA Donors. Finance functions are managed using PASTEL Software, ESS and rigorous processes to validate employee time allocations to various projects. Projects are managed with appropriate Project Management tools including Active Collab and a Learner Management Database. All project outcomes are tracked and monitored according to M&E Logical frameworks, clear deliverables and timelines. Project data and narrative project reporting is conducted using monthly, quarterly and annual reports linked to quarterly financial reports and pipeline analyses where required.

Zoë-Life develops service level agreements with partners at the onset of new projects. These are tracked with regard to meeting of timeframes, milestones and financial/budgetary obligations.